Back to School: 2016
Many new hires as King grows


Over three hundred new students in the district this year calls for new teachers at Kings.

Doug Leist, Kings High School’s principal, and Justin Frost (above), a new teacher this year, discussed the sudden jump in students and the future plans for the growing population.

This year, the high school gained 61 new students, creating a need to quickly replace teachers who were retiring or left the district. In total, nine teachers were hired at the high school. And this may be only the beginning. Most do not have their own classroom and travel from bell to bell, navigating crowded hallways with pushcarts.

Leist prefers to keep each class under 30 students so that each student has an opportunity to have a relationship with their teacher.

“Research suggests that learning takes place best in smaller class sizes,” Leist explained. “Teachers must have relationships with their students so they can differentiate their instruction and tailor learning to the needs of their individual students.”

Leist chooses his applicants to become teachers. He looks for more than what their resume can tell. He looks into their character and what they can bring to the table that’s different than others.

“Kings has done so well that people want to move into our district …”

“I am looking for people who have a strong work ethic, are organized, have personalities that will get students excited to be in the class, have passion about their profession, and above all else they make decisions which are in the best interest of their students,” Leist said.

One of the new teachers this year is Justin Frost. Frost is from Bellbrook, Ohio and is teaching AP government, honors government, and college prep government. He is enjoying his first year at the high school.

“I love Kings. It reminds me a lot of my hometown. Kings is a true community with awesome people.”

Frost and many other new teachers have to push carts, filled with books, laptops, and personal belongings, through the hallways to get from class to class because the school isn’t big enough anymore. In the picture shown, you will see Frost teaching honors government in a Spanish classroom.

Leist explains how the overcrowded school plans to expand in the future:

“Each building in the district has been configured to expand if need be,” said Leist. “Ideas for Expansion vs. Building New will be part of the work for the facilities committee (created by Tim Ackermann) and at some time the research they gather will be shared with the public.”

Leist said the Kings community is flattered that so many parents want their kids to join an amazing district. However, they are coming faster than anticipated.

“We are a bit of a victim of our own success.” said Leist. “Kings has done so well that people want to move into our district so their children can experience and have a great education.”


By Delaney Schueler

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