Fall Issue: 2016
Ally Week supports LGBT students



In the past two years, Kings High School has formed an after school group known as ‘Safe Space’ for students who identify with the LGBT community, students who support the LGBT community, and teachers wanting to be involved as well.

Every year the week of Sept. 25 is known as Ally Week, which draws attention on how to be a supportive ally to the LGBT community. 

The KHS ‘Safe Space’ group is organized by teacher, Jill Pratt, who has mentioned that the ‘Safe Space’ group only wants to do one day of Ally Week and asked staff and students to wear tie dye shirts on Wednesday.

“Here is something really important. While we have a smallish number of kids who img_1028participate in Safe Space regularly, we KNOW there are students in the building who are not ‘out’ and can benefit from this show of support no matter where they are in their own journey. We also have students who are very comfortably ‘out’ but will even more appreciate seeing the tie dye and sign for them as well.” Pratt has expressed that many more kids would benefit from this than some realize.

There will be signs in the lobby of KHS all week allowing students to sign it and show support for their LGBT peers and friends.


By Chandler Kircher

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