Fall Issue: 2016
What is National Honor Society?


National Honor Society (NHS) consistently provides free service to the community. This nation-wide organization has just accepted 57 new inductees into the Kings NHS.

NHS accepts new juniors and seniors every year. These inductees must go through an extensive application process in order to earn their membership. Each inductee must have teacher recommendations, community service hours, and must maintain a 3.85 GPA. Throughout the year, the members must accumulate 1.5 “points” of community service. Each service project adds to the member’s point total.  

The student leader of NHS, Haley McCrory, has already started meetings with clear goals set in mind of what Kings High School’s NHS should look like.

“We volunteer within the community, and at our school, with the goal of developing well rounded students focused on their studies, and their service projects,” McCrory said. “We have a service focus that members can volunteer at to put a point towards the 1.5 point total.”

The co-leaders of NHS are teachers Sandra Thomas and Carol Hardesty. Hardesty is a new co-leader, and will be starting her first year advising NHS.

“Mrs. King asked me to advise National Honor Society last year,” Hardesty said. “I was kind of looking for something to connect me to the students. Obviously to be able to work with these kids, you guys, the best and the brightest, is very appealing to me.”

This school year, NHS already has several events planned.

NHS will be starting a service project called “Winners Walk Tall”. There will be two sessions of this service project. One will be earlier on in the year for 3rd and 4th graders, while the other will be later in the year for 1st and 2nd graders. “Winners Walk Tall” will consist of the members of NHS going to elementary schools in the district to teach the students about character traits.

NHS will also be hosting a toiletry drive, a coat drive, and a Children’s Hospital Fundraiser. Toiletries and coats can be donated to those in need, and money will be raised for the Children’s Hospital.

NHS will be starting an event called “Relay for Life”, partnered with the student government. This event will be held in May, and is already expected to be one of the biggest events NHS has ever done. “Relay for Life” is an event to raise money for cancer research. Several other schools across the nation have participated in raising money through “Relay for Life”, but this is the first time it will ever be seen at Kings.

“This is a huge fundraiser for cancer,” said Hardesty. “My old schools did this and millions of dollars were raised.”

NHS is an important organization within the community. The new members will be inducted Oct. 6 to carry on this Kings tradition and provide helpful service to those in need.


By Addie Collins

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