Fall Issue: 2016
Eagle Scout project at JFB


Eagle Scout and Kings High School senior, Zach Groome has big plans this fall as he applies to college and works to complete his Eagle Scout project. Groome, who has been an Eagle Scout for four years describes what his project goals are.

“I want to repair the existing kickball field at J.F. Burns Elementary, along with two benches there that are pretty much non-existent right now.”



The currently existing field has seen some wear since it was first constructed. The old wooden benches are rotting and the chain link backstop has been eaten away by rust, causing a hazardous and unsafe environment for children to be around.

Groome has come quite a long way on his journey to the highest rank of Eagle Scout, and his project must be completed before his eighteenth birthday to be considered.

“You have to be active in the troop for six months.” Groome informed. “Attain twenty-one merit badges, hold a position of responsibility for six months, and lastly, complete your Eagle Scout project.”

Principle of J.F. Burns, Cheryl Montag, knows Groome can achieve his goals and says he is the perfect fit for the title of Eagle Scout.lunsford-before

“I’m encouraged by the fact that Zach got into the scouting program later than most students do. I was blown away by his dedication and perseverance to complete this project in the short amount of time he has.” Montag praised.

Montag has high hopes and big plans to put the kickball field into use once it is completed. Not only will it provide a safer space for the students to play on during recess, it also opens up opportunities to incorporate the game into physical education classes.

“I’m sure the students are going to love the new field.” says Montag. “Right now they only have a small portion of the playground concrete to use as their kickball space.”

This isn’t the first eagle scout project to take place and improve the J.F. Burns building. Previous projects have included the building of boxed vegetable gardens and an outdoor classroom area, along with a nature trail for science education.

Groome looks forward to breaking ground on his project and hopes to complete it by November 1st. After collecting donations from friends and family to fund his project, and working tirelessly over the next few weekends, Groome hopes all his hard work will pay off so he will be able to receive recognition sometime after the first of the year during an Eagle Court of Honor Ceremony.


By Madison Lunsford

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