Fall Issue: 2016
Offering a Safe Space


When a group of like-minded people struggle and fight for respect, it should be recognized. This is offered by the Kings Safe Space community.

Over the last two years, the LGBT students and supporters at Kings High School have started to speak up and give their take on the controversial topic. The Safe Space Club has been around since the spring of 2015. Students at the high school approached teachers asking for a club for LGBT students. They made it happen. The club meets every other Monday to have a guest speaker from local organizations and colleges, and to discuss further involvement outside of KHS. 

Jill Pratt, teacher and head of Safe Space, is trying to find an organization with the same goals for the club to donate to in order extend the reach of the the clubs help for the LGBT community. This is the clubs biggest goal for the semester.

Pratt serves as a leader and mentor to the students of the club. She guides them and helps them with whatever problems they have when it comes to being treated differently or unfairly by people who do not share the same beliefs as the safe space student.

“Being gay isn’t political, it isn’t religious,” Pratt said. “It just is.”

The club helps students who feel alone, it reminds them that they aren’t and that they always have the Safe Space club members to fall on.

“When a student who is gay or transgender has a visible sign of support,” Pratt said. “They have better attendance, better gpa, and they perform better overall.”

The students seem happier and feel safer, Pratt said. Some students wouldn’t know what to do without the Safe Space and without the open support of ally students and teachers, such as junior Nick Kedge.

“I’m only an ally,” Kedge said. “But the open support not only educates people on how immense the gay community is, it gives people more self-esteem.”

Groups and organizations are expanding and spreading the awareness. People are giving the open support that obviously greatly needed and joining the the movement, all in order to be more united and move forward.


By Bailey Blanton

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