Fall Issue: 2016
Filling in …


Kings High School welcomed not one, but two new members to the community when high school English teacher, Katie Wright, left for maternity leave.

One new member is Lola, Wright’s new daughter, born Oct. 17. Both Wright and the baby (as well as Wright’s husband and dog, she reports) are doing well.  

However, back at Kings High School, another new community member will be taking over the classroom for Wright. Nicole Apke will be Wright’s long term sub. Apke grew up in Mason before graduating from Ohio University. She was a student teacher for seventh graders, but has never taught in a high school setting.

“Going from seventh graders to high schoolers was a definite change, but it’s been a good change,” she said.

Apke said she has enjoyed the close Kings community and found the staff to be very


Lola Wright’s debut


“My first day the staff just kept popping in to introduce themselves and make sure I felt welcome.”

At home on maternity leave, Wright said she misses her students but is pleased that they have such a great substitute.

“I am so thankful for Ms. Apke leading our classes. She is wonderful and we continue to talk all of the time about our students and how the curriculum is going,” said Wright.

Apke and Wright continue to communicate about the students and class plans.

“Although I am not physically in class, I love knowing what is still going on. I miss all of my students and look forward to seeing them in January when I return.” says Wright.
Wright will return in after Christmas break in January.

After her time with Wright’s students, Apke isn’t sure where her teaching career will go next. She says she is just going with the flow for now and see where she fits best.


By Teresa Klaber

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