Fall Issue 2016
Student by day, Knight by night


He is one of the most beloved sights at any Kings sporting event. He gets the spectators up out of their seats, cheering, and yelling for their team. He gets the crowd filled with excitement. He is full of energy and lots of fun to watch.

Who is he?

He is “Mr. Knight,” the district sports mascot, and he appears at many athletic events and other school functions — beloved loved by players, cheerleaders, students and of course the fans who come to watch games.  

So who is the man behind the mask? His name is Ryan LaFon, a Kings High School Senior



who was also named this year’s Homecoming King. He volunteered for the Mr. Knight job and said he enjoys it, but “It keeps me very busy.”

“I am at every football and soccer game and I will be at basketball games this upcoming season,” he said.

JV Cheerleader Camryn Hoelle said she enjoys when Mr. Knight joins the cheerleaders during games.

“He should be a cheerleader,” she said. ”It’s so funny when he tries to do dances with us or cheers. He’s very entertaining.”

Children at the games love Mr. Knight as well, LaFon said.

“Little kids try to get me to do popular dances with them and it is funny to watch me attempt them … and once I had a little girl try to take my head off.”


By Alex Sackrider

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