Election 2016: Analysis
Warren County voter turnout high


Tuesday, Nov. 8 was a busy day in Warren County as residents voted on important issues from U.S. President to a series of local issues.

And many in Warren County —  at a significantly higher rate than the nation as a whole — exercised their right to vote.

Turnout in Warren County was unusually high. Out of 152,350 registered voters, 116,890 showed up to vote. That represents 76 percent of registered Warren County voters. Nationwide, turnout was relatively low for a Presidential election, at about 55 percent.  

The following are some notable races that appeared on Warren County ballots:

-U.S. President: 75,947 (76.6%) of county voters voted for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton collected 33,036 votes, or 28.5%. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson collected 4,237 votes, or 3.6%.

-Ohio’s U.S. Senator: The race for Senator was also lopsided. Incumbent Rob Portman defeated former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland by an overwhelming margin in Warren County. Portman ended up with 84,138 votes, or about 75%, while Strickland had only 23,287 or 20.7%.img_3844

-Kings Operating Levy: The Kings Local School 6.2 mill operating levy passed with 7,640 votes, or 55% to 6,058 votes, or 44%. Leaving a difference of only 1,582 votes. This close margin spared many cuts that the district would have faced had the levy failed.

The last district operating levy was in 2010 and was supposed to last for only three years, However the district stretched those funds to six years.

King Superintendent Tim Ackermann said he is extremely happy and thankful for Tuesday’s results:

“We would like to thank our Kings Community who took the time to vote in this critical election. We are humbled by their support,” he said.

Ackermann and committed residents went door to door to educate the community on the levy facts beforehand.

“We have spent the last several months informing our community about our financial future. Our goal was to provide the necessary facts so voters could make an informed decision,” Ackermann said. “We will continue to build our relationship with the community and realize that the issue of school funding is very complex. We are also talking to our legislators regarding school funding and how we can secure additional revenues without having to ask our taxpayers,”

Ackermann went on:

“With the passage of this operating levy, we are looking to continue to provide our students with an excellent education.”



By Delaney Schueler

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