Holiday Issue: 2016
Black Friday: Is it worth it?


Everyone knows that an exciting part of the Thanksgiving break is all the great deals on Black Friday shopping. It’s important to get the best “bang for your buck” and this year the deals are just as good as ever.

Target, Best-Buy, and Kohls always have “steals,” but with the lines so long, is it even worth going?  

Jane Allen, a math teacher at Kings High School, weighs in on her own shopping advice.

“When I’m going to purchase an item I go on google and shop for the best prices. It’s not always where you think it is.”

Over the years of Black Friday, websites such as Amazon and other online stores have become increasingly popular.

Best Black Friday Deals: Ranked

“Amazon has deals of the day for several days before Black Friday and I have Amazon Prime so I buy my Christmas presents there and have them shipped to other places if needed.”

In addition to Allen’s secrets to shopping, Kings Junior High teacher, Brooke Warner, shares her ideas for the holiday.

“At Target and Meijer I usually get their Door Buster movie deals, and at Kohl’s this year I am hoping to get one of the Door Buster Deals by snagging a Roku for $44.99.”


By Chandler Kircher


photo credit: CBS Detroit



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