Holiday Issue: 2016
Candy drive nets 2,371 lbs. for troops


J. F. Burns Elementary recently held its fifth annual Candy Drive for the Troops, collecting a grand total of 2,371 pounds of candy and snacks.

The elementary school partners up with The Yellow Ribbon Support Foundation located in Batavia, where the school takes the candy and money donated to them to be so that volunteers can sort and package the candy. The money donated helps to pay for the cost of sending out the packages.

Once the candy is sorted and packaged it’s ready to be sent out to the deployed troops to send them a little bit of comfort while they’re away from home.

“It’s shipped to deployed military all over the world. It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks (sometimes longer) for the packages to reach their destination,” said Hope Cantrall, who helped organize the drive.  

This is the fifth annual drive but the sixth year that the elementary school and The Yellow Ribbon Support Foundation have been working together. J. F. Burns elementary school principal, Cheryl Montag, believes that this event is important for her kids since it’s a way to have the kids honor the Veterans on Veterans Day, and every other day.

The veterans aren’t the only people impacted by this, the kids who donate their candy are also impacted. “It is wonderful to see our students give their Halloween candy to show their support. Such an important message that we are sharing with our students,” Montag stated.

For any family or friend who currently has a loved one that is deployed they can reach out to Keith Maupin who is with The Yellow Ribbon Support center.


By Katie Ernst

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