Holiday Issue: 2016
School House Rock Redux


Seven years after a junior high production of Schoolhouse Rock was performed at Kings, the theatre department has decided to revive this show with the current junior high class.

Schoolhouse Rock Junior is based off of the 1970s cartoons. Featuring songs from the cartoon such as “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly”, “Conjunction Junction”, and “Just a Bill”, the director, Scott Hayward, has chosen this classic for the junior high musical. About halfway through the rehearsal process, Hayward is excited for the upcoming production.  

“We are hoping the recognition of the title Schoolhouse Rock will really help bring it to a crowd of people who grew up watching the television show, as well as people who recognize the cartoons for some of their classes at school,” Hayward said.

According to Hayward, the group of actors in Schoolhouse Rock have varying levels of theatre experience. For some students, this is their first production. For other students, they have done several shows before this.

“We are focusing on bringing everyone together to create a full ensemble feeling to the show, where everyone is involved in every single song in the show,” Hayward said.

The cast of Schoolhouse Rock have about a month and a half left to rehearse. With the show growing near, cast member Ian Meeker finds that the cast is learning to work together.

“So far it is going really well,” Meeker said. “Everyone is getting along with each other really well. There have been a few arguments here and there, but we always fix them.”

The set design and stage setup will be especially unique to this show. According to Hayward, the setup will be mainly focused on color, consistent movement, and an energetic atmosphere. This is meant to allow the Kings Junior High School version of Schoolhouse Rock to be a different experience for the audience. Ian Meeker commented on the set and the part of the musical he is most excited to show an audience.

“The stage set up will be different for all of the different songs. I can’t wait to see what it will look like for each song. I’m most excited for the dances for all of the songs. They are just so exciting, to the point where nobody will forget them,” Meeker said.

Schoolhouse Rock Junior will be performed at the Kings High School auditorium on Jan. 26, 27, and 28.


By Addie Collins

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