Holiday Issue: 2016
Christmas Store saying goodbye

Anyone who lives in the Mason area has likely heard of the Christmas Shop in Kings Mills, near Kings junior high and high schools. The shop has been a landmark for decades and thousands of people from far and wide have visited and bought the quality Christmas memorabilia being sold. 

The shop is owned by 77-year-old Ron Green. Green launched the shop in 1983 after coming to the area from North Carolina, where he ran a different Christmas store with his uncle. This experience is what inspired him to open his own store. But of all places, he chose Kings Mills.

“It had a few advantages: first off it’s near Kings Island, and years ago the school had a bunch of events,” Green said. “They still do, so there’s great flow of people. I did not want to be in a mall because it would have to be mall hours. Plus this building has a lot of character.”

With the store being open for 29 years, some crazy things have happened: A mother raccoon had babies in the chimney of the building. The chimney was connected to an old stove that is no longer there. When it was removed, it left a hole in the wall. On this wall were Disney animal ornaments, and customers constantly asked Green how the ornaments were making animal sounds – when really it was the raccoons all along.

Saying Goodbye

Green has recently announced that the Christmas Shop will be closing. He plans on retiring and selling all the antiques in his store. The antiques that do not get sold will be auctioned off to interested customers. The customers can sign up to be called in April when bidding will be taking place.

To make the store and his legacy go out with a bang, Ron decided to give back to the community.

“I want to make a tree for Children’s Hospital so that kids in the hospital can have a nice bright Christmas tree,” he said.


By Bailey Blanton

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