Holiday Issue: 2016
KHS stage star Reece eyes Broadway


In the Kings High School hallways, one could see a diverse range of teenagers who love the extracurricular activities that they are involved in. One young woman in particular stands out, with a voice that has captivated audiences for most of her life. Morgan Reece, an 18-year-old senior, lives for a life on stage.

“I have sung ever since I was little,” Reece said. “I just love how it can take you into another world and escape reality for a while.” 

Morgan has had many roles on stage, her most recent musical role was Miss Agatha Hannigan in Children’s Theatre of Mason’s production of Annie. Yet, her favorite role was performed right on her high school stage in “Beauty and the Beast.”

“My favorite role was Belle because it was really cool to be a role model to little girls,”


Reece as “Belle” in 2014.

Reece said. “Playing my dream role was a feeling I couldn’t describe.”

Landing her first role at age 6, she has won plenty of awards for her singing. But the greatest award she believes she won was the Dream Ticket. She was only 15 when she moved through each stage at the American Idol Experience at Disney World.

Reece is also involved with Chamber Choir at Kings. She has the ability to work closely with the choir conductor and teacher, Hope Milthaler.

“Morgan will succeed in anything she chooses to do in life because she has a heart of gold.” Milthaler said. “Her passion and talent will take her far but it is her genuine spirit and unwavering positive attitude that will send her soaring.”

Morgan is in the midst of college auditions, already being accepted to Otterbein University. She hopes to major in musical theatre and live in New York with her own family someday.

Perhaps the world will meet Reece on Broadway. Until then she remains an ambitious and talented teenager taking on the musical world one show at a time.


By Skyler Reisinger

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