Winter 2017
Many sports in one: Ultimate Frisbee


Ultimate Frisbee, a 7 on 7 game of nearly nonstop running. Boys and girls competing to reach one goal, win the game and remain at the top at all times.

On Jan. 24, John Onnen stepped down as head coach, due to personal reasons, handing the job to Alexa Holland, who graduated from Kings two years ago and played while still in highschool and has one year under her belt in college. She was one of the original members of the team that was started 4 years ago by Austin Seiter and Elliot Weissbluth.

There are 14 people on the field at a time, 7 for each team. Each team must have two out the the seven players be girls, if you only have one eligible girl, you play the game with six people, if no girls are present you have to forfeit the game. The game is played to 15 points with a one hour and a half time limit. Half time is called once one team reaches 8 points. The field is set up like a football with all the same boundaries applying. 

“It’s like a mix between football, soccer, and lacrosse,” said Coach Holland. “The running from soccer and lacrosse played loosely like football.”

The game at this level is fun and relaxed but competitive at the same time. Learning the game and spending time with friends is emphasized. blantonfrisbee2

“My overall goal is to teach Entry level throwing and catching, different defenses and schemes, as long as you keep possession you’re gonna be ok,” said Coach Onnen

A lot of the 4 year seniors like to focus more on the spirit of the game and having fun no matter what. One senior in particular is Aaron Breen. Aaron is a 4 year player, team captain and on the starting 7.

“I think the club is the perfect cross between having fun, goofing around, and competing,” Said Aaron “The most important thing is the spirit of the game. That’s what makes it so much fun”

Overall the club provides a place for all grades to come together, have fun, and compete against other schools, and is a great way to bring the Kings community closer together.


By Bailey Blanton

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