Winter 2017
Niche Ohio rankings place Kings at #38


The Best School Rankings have recently been released by Niche K-12 with Kings Local School District sitting in the #10 spot for the Cincinnati Metro Area and #38 overall in Ohio.

Doug Leist, principal at Kings High School, was overjoyed when Kings was announced with such a high ranking on the Niche grading scale. “Anytime your students and staff are recognized for something positive it is exciting,” said Leist.  

Niche K-12 offers an insight into over 120,00 schools and has a unique of doing so. Niche K-12 collects statistics and reviews from students and parents about their schools. Through Niche, students and parents have the access to millions of reviews and rankings and can compare educational outcomes from many different schools and districts.

“Niche is an interesting because other people’s opinions account for some of the statistical ratings. It is flattering that so many of our current students and alumni are proud of KHS! I know I am,” said Leist.

Niche believes that schools and districts should be measured by the people who attend or work with the schools, meaning the students and parents. Schools are also ranked by data and across many key factors to keep one factor from dominating the rankings.

There are currently 895 public school districts in Ohio and Kings has consistently ranked highly in the state. Out of all 10,364 school districts in America Kings is currently ranked #576 and all schools in the Kings Local School District have been credited with and overall Niche grade of an A.

These grades and rankings speak volumes of the amazing things happening in the Kings Local School District. Leist commented on what he believes Kings is, “To me, Kings is much more than a number though. It’s a place to learn, a place to laugh, a place to perform, a place to be safe.”

After receiving these outstanding rankings the district is moving forward. Always looking to improve itself and make itself a worthy environment for the education of the next generation.


By Teresa Klaber

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