Winter 2017
Meeting of the minds


Academic Quiz Team competitions have just begun. Tryouts for the team took place in November and this year they were done in two stages.

“Students took a series of written tests and those scores were used to sort them in different rooms for the second stage of the try-outs,” says Jonathan Bitzer, English teacher and Academic Quiz Team coach. “At the second stage, students competed with each other to determine who could could answer questions the quickest while still being accurate.”  

In their signature red cardigans, the team prepares by scrimmaging each other using practice questions provided by the league. They also try to prepare by brushing up on areas that seem likely to be covered during a competition.

John Naughton a Junior at KHS (above, left), said he joined quiz team because “I like a challenge.”

“My favourite part of being on the team is wearing the sweaters and bow ties and socializing with the teammates … Coach Bitzer and Coach Anders expect us to be studying at least a bit in our free time. Researching famous poets and artists.”

“Before a match we might review something like the Constitutional amendments or the pharaohs of ancient Egypt,” says Bitzer.

The best competitors are the well rounded ones who know a great deal about literature and the arts, but are also interested in subjects like science and math.

“When selecting students to participate in Academic Quiz Team, I look for students who have a significant depth of knowledge in a diverse group of subject areas,” says Bitzer.

Meets are run according to a pretty strict protocol determined by the league. Each team competes in two subject specific rounds, an alphabet round where all the answers start with the same letter, and a lightning round where they compete with the other team for both accuracy and speed of response.

“The matches are really intense and a lot of fun,” says Naughton.

Loveland and Anderson both put up great teams this year, but the most competitive team is Walnut Hills, who topped Kings on Wednesday, Jan. 25. Nonetheless, Bitzer remains confident in his squad.

“I expect we will finish strong for a good placement in the tournament at the end of February.” he said. “I expect a strong showing from the Knights as we finish out the season.”

Competitions are held every Wednesday from December to February.


By Juste Kirieliute

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