Winter 2017
Scholastics showcase artwork

Kings High School students recently submitted their artwork to the Regional Scholastics Competition. A wide array of paintings, drawings, photographs, and digital media images were submitted, and 23 students received awards. Students can be awarded a Gold Key, Silver Key, or an honorable mention. A Gold Key is the highest award offered and those who receive one are entered into the National round. If the Gold Key winner receives an award from the National level, they are invited to New York City for an award ceremony.  

This prestigious ceremony is also attended by celebrities. Past celebrity guests include Usher, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Meryl Streep. Good luck to our Kings Gold Key winners on the next round.

Kings 2017 Scholastics Award Winners
Mikaela Allee – Honorable Mention, Silver Key
Hunter Blair – Gold Key
Sonia Blizzard – Honorable Mention
Sofia Camarillo – Silver Key
Isaac Chunn – Gold Key
Aviana DiPasquale – Honorable Mention, Gold Key
Olivia Doyle – Honorable Mention
Alexandria Fliegel – Honorable Mention, Silver Key, Silver Key,
Lauren Goslee – Silver Key
Spencer Hover – Honorable Mention
Anastasia Jones – Gold Key
Ben Kessler – Silver Key
Andrew Nishimori – Honorable Mention, Silver Key
Jadon Oney – Honorable Mention
Emily Poole – Honorable Mention, Silver Key, Silver Key, Gold Key, Gold Key
Kali Reeves – Honorable Mention, SIlver Key
Crystal Renz – Silver Key
Madi Schowalter – Honorable Mention
Faith Shields – Honorable Mention, Silver Key, Gold Key, Gold Key
Bella Spleen – Gold Key
Mikayla Werner – Silver key, Gold Key
Rainy Woods – Honorable Mention
Yeoh Clynn – Gold Key


Kate Baxter

By Kate Baxter

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