Winter 2017
Residents fight for Kingswood Park


With the impending construction of a road through Kingswood, a park beloved by many Deerfield residents, many have expressed their concerns to the Deerfield Board of Trustees.

Trustees met on Jan. 17 to discuss the road through Kingswood and the potential environmental impact of the project.

One trustee, Dan Corey, recused himself from the topic and proceeded to leave the room. Corey works for the Warren County Engineer’s Office, which will lead the road project through Kingswood.  

Board President Chris Romano claimed that the road construction process will be for the good of the area.

“Over the next six months, that process will include sharing information and soliciting feedback from the public at specific events scheduled with our commercial and residential neighbors,” Romano said.

When asked if he would delay the decision until a larger town hall could be organized, Romano dismissed the suggestion before he and fellow trustee Wayne Speer approved the construction of the road.

Although the board officially voted to begin construction during this meeting, several citizens voiced their concerns regarding the loss of about one-seventh of Deerfield’s greenspace contained in Kingswood. img_8463

Lelle Luts, the unofficial spokesperson for the citizens, has been outspoken about her opinion to save the greenspace.

“Please don’t underestimate the noise we are trying to make,” said Lutts, addressing Romano directly. “I do believe it is not too late to do the right thing. Nothing needs to happen because it’s on the agenda.”

Many local residents use the former golf course along Irwin-Simpson Road to run, shop at the Saturday Farmer’s market,  and walk their dogs. Now many fear that with a road, the space will become unusable. The park lies partially in the Kings Local School District.

Although the board voted to begin construction, Lutts said her fight is not over yet.

“The probability of stopping the road is very low. What we might have a better chance at doing is working with our trustees to help ‘develop’ the park,” said Lutts. “We will fight to protect what we have left.”

reisinger  collins

By Skyler Reisinger & Addie Collins

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