Winter 2017
Teen Alliance Council encourages outreach


The Teen Alliance Council of Warren County is a group of students representing local schools such as Carlisle, Springboro, Waynesville, and Kings, working together to make positive influences in their school and local community. The branch of Teen Alliance Council at Kings is called Act Now.

“The Teen Alliance Council meets monthly with members from all schools and professionals across Warren County.” says Katie Mosure, Kings High School Counselor. “Students then take these skills to their schools and apply them to school-based activities through an outreach like Red Ribbon Week in October, Teen Dating Violence Awareness month in February, and the Youth Summit in March.”  

This year, Kings High School Act Now students and prevention specialists from Warren County gave talks to students at Columbia Intermediate about decision making and did some activities to promote healthy decisions around drugs and alcohol.

Three students from Kings High School are currently attending monthly Teen Alliance Council of Warren County Meetings and looking to grow the program here at Kings. Crissy Chavez, Theresa Klaber, and Anna Muenchen.

“On Friday, March 3, twenty-five freshmen and sophomore students will also attend the Teen Alliance Council Youth Summit at Rivers Crossing for a day of leadership development and education to prevent substance use and teen dating violence,” says Mosure. teen-alliance2

Anna Muenchen, a Junior at Kings (pictured right) says, “I joined Teen Alliance Council because many alumni have died recently because of drug abuse and I really want this to change I want people to know the effect drugs have on everyone not just the user.”

Goals for the Act Now group at Kings High School is to empower students to achieve personal success by promoting healthy relationships and substance free lifestyles, building self-confidence, and creating accepting communities.

“I love the people and the message,” says Muenchen. “The people make spreading the message so much fun because they are creative, funny and very outgoing and their passion encourages me to spread it.”

“Act Now hopes to grow in student members and create future school-wide programming, partnerships with student groups, and community education programs at Kings.” says Mosure.

Interested students can pick up a Teen Alliance Council Application from Katie Mosure in the counseling office. The application will be reviewed by our current members and the Warren County advisor. They are looking for students with diverse leadership skills looking to influence positive change.


By Juste Kirieliute

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