Spring 2017
Track team adds pole-vault equipment



The Kings Track team has made multiple “upgrades” over the past few years. It all started probably 4-5 years ago when the entire track was torn up and replaced with a nicer, newer one. Then in a multi-year project, we added a steeplechase pit. And now in the grand daddy of them all, a much-needed new pole vault mat. 

“With poles costing anywhere from $300 to $700 it took a lot of saving up for new pit,” said coach Jim Brant.

An entirely new set of mats, box, and everything else associated with pole vaulting, costs around $15,000. Kings’ new one actually cost $12,000.

But Kings has a history of some really good pole vaulters. So they really do deserve a new toy. With kids like Russ Lawson, Lily Bunsy, and Grant Coleman some of those great vaulters just from recent memory.

Coleman said, “Almost every time you hit the mat you get sand/dirt in your eyes. Plus the old mat had some water damage. So I’m pretty excited about the new one.”

photo credit: Varsity Views

Nick Coniglio

By Nick Coniglio

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