Spring 2017
‘Speak Up. Save A Life’


Kings High School recently presented the program Tyler’s Light to all students.

Tyler’s Light is an organization that was formed by a group of parents and Wayne Campbell after his son, Tyler passed away from an accidental drug overdose at the age of 23. Tyler’s Light showed students some videos that outlined the dangers of prescription drugs, heroin, and how drugs lead to addiction. 

“This program is important to everyone, especially teenage students,” said Doug Leist, Kings High School principal. “There is so much more that we are responsible for then just making sure you earn a diploma. You have to be prepared for “life out there” in the “real world”.”

The program’s goal is to raise awareness of addiction and to help prevent addiction by educating students, families and communities.

“It’s Important because before the presentation I don’t think many people in our school understood how much drugs can affect lives, even just non addictive drugs can lead to addictive drugs and even lead to worse drug activity like trafficking,” said Nicole Klepcyk, Junior at Kings High School.

An important message was left with the Kings students after the presentation and that is to “Speak Up”.

“I just want to let people know that many families are affected by drugs. Even the families that don’t seem like they would have to deal with it,” Klepcyk said..

Shelley Brown from Warren County Educational Service Center also hosted a prevention table during lunch where she shared some basic information with students about the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

“I hope that we can provide information to students so they can make informed decisions. I hope we can provide alternatives to students instead of giving into peer pressure,” Leist said. “I hope we can educate students on the dangers of drugs so that they DON’T want to do them, because they expect more out of life. I want students to understand they deserve better.”

Visit the Tyler’s Light website for more information.



By Juste Kirieliute


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