Spring 2017
Art exhibit a ‘humbling’ experience

Kings High School art students took part in The Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition. This is the 47th year that the exhibition has taken place and it is open to 1,112 schools across the Ohio.  

It provides young artists with new opportunities and potential scholarships in order to advance their talents. The exhibition encourages admiration for the arts throughout Ohio and showcases the talent that our state has to provide.

“Not only is it a good opportunity to put this exhibition on applications, but it is also good exposure for art schools to be able to see their work,” said KHS art director, Angie Guilfoyle.

The Kings High School students that progressed to the regional level are:

Gabriella Spleen
Jillian Krynock
Austin Rowe
Kali Reeves
Olivia Doyle
Emily Poole
Mikayla Werner
Mikaela Allee
Alex Fliegal
Faith Shields
Lauren Goslee
Aviana Depasquale
Andrew Nishimori

Doyle, whose artwork is pictured above, also progressed to the National level with five pieces: four of which are part of a series, in addition to one single piece. Doyle was stunned with excitement by this big news.

“At first I didn’t believe it, though it was humbling to be able to represent Kings, and I’m ecstatic to go see my art in the exhibit,” said Doyle.

Kate Baxter

By Kate Baxter

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