Spring 2017
LAX lands Ryan a D3 scholarship


Erin Ryan, a senior at Kings, is a lacrosse commit to Marin University in Indiana. She will be a part of Marion’s second year lacrosse team and a major in their nursing program.

Ryan started playing lacrosse at age 13 in the 8th grade for Kings, since then she has become the starting line for defense and a dedicated member to the Royals summer lacrosse league. Erin will be receiving her second varsity letter this spring.  

“The lax program has helped me grow into the young woman I am today by teaching me teamwork and leadership skills and how important it is to make relationships with your classmates and has helped me form so many lifelong friends,” Ryan said.

Ryan is an outstanding player in the field, and friend to her team mates, but her accomplishments go further than just the turf.  ernst-ryan

Erin is in the top 10% of the graduating class with a GPA of 4.34 and an ACT score of 28. Her hard work is paying off for her. She received a full ride to Marion University through the Saint Mary’s Scholarship.

“I couldn’t be more grateful to get it, honestly I didn’t expect to get it, I was just a girl from Ohio amongst like 100 people, I didn’t think I’d stand out, and I told the people that interviewed me that, and I think that honesty really stuck with them,” stated Ryan.

Receiving such a prestigious scholarship was a big deal since Ryan will be playing for a D3 school were athletic scholarships are not offered.



By Katie Ernst

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