Senior Edition: 2017
Pippin, Drowsy Chaperone top stage favorites


Throughout the years, the Kings Theatre department has put on incredible shows. We asked the graduating class of 2017 what their favorite production was, with the top 5 resulting in Pippin, The Drowsy Chaperone, Beauty and the Beast, Almost, Maine, and Much Ado About Nothing. You can see which of our survey respondent  love which productions inside …

Pippin (2017):
Teagan Bays
Sonia Blizzard
Katie Davalos
Noah Edwards
Kyle Glennon
Camryn Gostel
Dom Karvelis
Erin Muenchen
Taishi Okamoto
Sam Purkiss
Skyler Reisinger
Matt Sichterman
Clay Spivey
Maguire Stinson
Chloe Super
Thomas Yoder

The Drowsy Chaperone (2016):
Andrew Bailey
Justin Edsell
Merissa Edsell
Claire Galberg
Kelly Hock
Haley McCrory
Megan McMahon
Kirstin Mumbeck
Katie Pihl
Isaac Slavens
Kaitlyn Snow
Mikayla Warner
Lizzy Woeste

Beauty and the Beast (2015):
Teagan Bays
Lydia Berg
Adriann Bruemmer
Jared Doll
Katelin Ernst
Nathan Gurley
Emily Hovis
Madeleine Lewis
Andrea Montenegro
Morgan Reece
Gracyn Vazquez
Evan Warner

Almost, Maine (2014):
Rey Canteria
Emily Flecker
Alex Fliegel
Brendan Guerin
Katlyn Merry
Erik Pedersen
Kyle Ward

Much Ado About Nothing (2016):
Evan Bowman
Ethan Cain
Michael Havrilla
Kaleb Stutzman
Anders Wikum

Selfie (2015):
Jacleen Baronti
Dylan Bird
Dustin Dezarn
Rainy Woods

Crazy for You (2013):
Lydia Berg
Ciera Johnson
Kayli Sugawara

Into the Woods (2013):
Adriann Bruemmer
Lauren Goslee
Erin Ryan

A Christmas Carol (2014):
Kate Baxter

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