Senior Edition: 2017
Novels continue atop favorites list


The Kings High school experience may or may not involve reading a few books for your English class. The Knight Times asked seniors what their favorite books from those classes were, and here are the results from the few seniors who acknowledged reading a novel at all.

To Kill a Mockingbird: Katie Davalos, Emily Flecker, Avery Roe, Jackie Baronti, Justin Edsell, Alex Fliegel, Aaron Knific, Maddie Lewis

Brave New World: Camryn Gostel, Avery Young, Claire Galberg, Sam Purkiss, Chloe Super, Domas Karvelis, Kyle Glennon, Ethan Cain

Great Gatsby: Maguire Stinson, Clay Spivey, Erin Ryan, Michael Havrilla, Haley McCrory, Megan McMahon, Andrea Montenegro, Erin Muenchen, Kirstin Mumbeck, Taishi Okamoto, Gracyn Vazquez, Hunter Nosek

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