Senior Edition: 2017
Favorite Memories of Kings


A big part of the high school experience is making memories. As graduation creeps closer, the Class of 2017 reflected on the good times they’ve had at Kings:

Erin Ryan: Winning the talent show with Clair Galberg

Noah Edwards: Senior spring break, our grade really came together.

Katie Pihl: Obviously senior spring break to Siesta Key …. 

Makani Neal: when Jordan Lane fell slow motion up the stairs

Rainy Woods: being on homecoming court with Dustin last year because that was my first slow dance and I cried.

Morgan Reece: eating lunch with my mentors throughout the years

Beatriz Ortiz: giving presentations in architecture and the questions the students asked

Katie Davalos: chamber choir finals sophomore and junior year.

Lydia Berg: spring choir concerts

Clay Spivey: junior year basketball season

Jordan Lane: I don’t have one. Nobody talked to me and everyone is judgmental

Lizzy Woeste: My freshman year when we beat Anderson in volleyball and everyone stormed the court.

Maguire Stinson: vero beach spring break baseball trip and my walk off against Milford.

Sam Jackson: building a trebuchet

Katlyn Brown: Mrs Hennessy’s AP psych class

Bailey Blanton: wilderness Wednesdays during freshman baseball.

Maddie Lewis: dancing with cheerleaders in the 4th quarter of football games.

Avery Young: playing soccer with all my friends and football games

Adriann Bruemmer: DC trip, Camp Cambell Guard, deer jumping through window.

Sam Purkiss: learning that everyone is painfully average or petty. Myself included.

Katlyn Merry: the time after AP tests where you do nothing

Camryn Gostel: Doing the worm in Hicks’ class

Matt Sichterman: senior spring break

Ee Yeoh Wong: BPA national at Boston

Isaac Slavens: Jake Houndshell getting slapped in the butt by an electric flyswatter

Anders Wikum: Half of the tennis team breaking their backs before the season

Skyler Reisinger: learning to forgive myself for being useless garbage

Ciera Johnson: driving with all my friends to football games and painting up for our boys

Mikayla Werner: going to BPA and roaming the halls with Lauren Goslee

Andrew Bailey. The after party of Edward and Jane concert

Emily Flecker: the New York trip

Katelin Ernst: when I did a push up contest at against Weber

Brendan Guerin: graduating

Sonia Blizzard: Finishing every AP drawing project at lunch the day it’s due.

Lauren Goslee: Kings bowling team

Ethan Cain: the time Mr. Woodall scared everyone on Halloween by blowing an air horn in everyone’s ears

Teagan Bays: Going to choir every day for 4 years

Kelly Hock: singing Johnny get your gun in Mr. Wright’s class

Dustin Dezarn: watching Pedro do magic tricks

Emily Hovis: Performing at KHS basketball games

Kate Baxter: Watching Jay Marketos lose to Kaity Frederick in an arm wrestling contest.

Evan Bowman: any time after may 2016

Abi Conway: singing “ain’t no mountain high enough” in Wright’s class

Clair galberg: KHS talent show

Nathen Gurley: successfully firing my trebuchet

Daniel Lee: AP lit

Micheal Havrilla: playing at Prasco park for 3 years with the baseball team. Awesome Experience.

Loulu Kimbrell: Junior year prom with my 4 best friends

Haley McCrory: getting a 2 on the APUSH exam

Megan McMahon: Mr. Moore’s speech class

Evan Warner: Being sarcastic during track practice with Dylan Bird.


By Bailey Blanton


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