Senior Edition: 2017
Time for Confessions


After four years in high school, most seniors have broken a rule or two. We asked the Class of 2017 what their best senior confessions were, and this is what we got …

Kyle Glennon: “Campfires.”
Lauren Goslee: “I haven’t locked my locker all year.”
Chloe Super: “I still have a copy of Brave New World.”
Aaron Knific: “Once my friend wrote a fake note and gave it to the sub to get us out of study hall.”
Kirstin Mumbeck: “It is a little known fact that Hennessey killed a man in the third floor pool which is why we aren’t allowed to go there.”
Claire Galberg: “I still have a class copy of Slaughterhouse Five… and I still haven’t read it.”

Evan Bowman: “I still have a copy of Of Mice and Men. Sorry Weber.”
Camryn Gostel: “One time I took blank tardy passes, filled them out and used them when I was late to first bell.”
Katlyn Merry: “I was the one who told Andra and Camryn where Jordan was to get her out in Dart Wars.”
Sam Purkiss: “I never read To Kill a Mockingbird and I still hate it.”
Adriann Bruemmer: “I never took notes in anatomy.”
Avery Young: “My friends and I started the trend of putting fish on peoples’ porches.”
Madeleine Lewis: “I threw 1 egg at peoples’ houses that didn’t like me.”
Katlyn Brown: “I like Ethan Cain.”
Sam Jackson: “I’m your father.”
Maguire Stinson: “My first Kings baseball practice, I knocked out the gym door window and didn’t tell anybody.”
Lizzy Woeste: “When I tore my ACL I parked in handicap every day even after 4 months when I could easily walk.”
Clay Spivey: “I have 6 toes on my right foot and that’s why I’m so fast.”
Lydia Berg: “During sophomore year I would skip 7th bell a couple times a week with Sonia, then bring her back after school for track practice.”
Evan Warner: “I’ve skipped 7th bell every time we’ve had a sub this year by telling them I need to go see my mom in the junior high.”
Morgan Reece: “I’ve never read an entire required book.”
Rainy Woods: “I got in a fight with Ms. Wysong sophomore year, and now I have her senior year and she has no idea it was me.”
Makani Neal: “I haven’t read a book since 4th grade.”
Noah Edwards: “I didn’t go to school for AIR testing week.”
Andrew Bailey: “I skipped school for Reds opening day.”
Isaac Slavens: “I’ve skipped school twice for opening day.”
Rey Canteria: “I hid a French test before the class started.”
Dylan Bird: “I have kept only 1 binder for the last 3 years of high school.”
Ciera Johnson: “I ran over the handicap sign and drove away. Someone then tweeted, ‘Hit and run at KHS.’”
Erin Muenchen: “Last year we used a project as an excuse to go on the roof of the school and spent the rest of the class up there.”
Erik Pedersen: “I told a teacher I had to go to the bathroom and went home.”
Dustin Dezarn: “I have purchased a parking pass for 2 years and have only used it since March of my senior year.”
Julia Belliveau: “I’ve been eating lunch in the senior lounge since Freshman year.”
Anders Wikum: “I actually moved here from Cleveland. In fact, I’ve never been to Wisconsin. We bought our Packers stuff from a flea market.”
Emily Flecker: “Gabe Stacy’s mom asked my mom if I could help him with his skeleton. I hate that project so I made up a lie that Sarah Onega liked him so that I wouldn’t have to help him. Well, my mom told his mom my lie, and his mom told him. And now he thinks Sarah’s obsessed with him.”
Loulu Kimbrell: “Almost every quarter in Orchestra, I would forge my private bass teacher’s signature for proof that I took the right amount of lessons for honors credit in my class.”
Thomas Yoder: “Nate Muenchen, Chris Stock, Isaac Onnen, Max Schowalter, and I built a fort in the woods when we were supposed to be running on Sundays.”
Jessie Bilbrey: “I snuck in my dog to school during the senior monster mash for Halloween–I went as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde–Smoky went as Buster.”
Merissa Edsell: “One time Andrea Montenegro and I were lost downtown and we hit two people with her car. We made contact and they rolled across the hood.”
Kaitlyn Snow: “I stole Jared Dorsa’s sweatshirt in 7th grade because I had a huge crush on him. Also, I haven’t read one book in any English class. Sparknotes saves lives.”
Olivia Doyle: “I left school during my third bell study hall with a friend that was in journalism and we told Mrs. Prince that we were going to interview people at the KEC building, but really went to McDonald’s.”
Kate Baxter: “Sophomore year in Garvin’s class Abi and I spent the entire class in the bathroom doing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge and when we came back and Garvin asked why we were gone so long I told him that Abi fainted in the hallway.”
Abi Conway: “Meeting up with Charlee every 1st bell in the bathroom and playing Usher.”
Jackie Baronti: “Kelly, Lizzy, Ashley and I take food and drinks from the teacher’s lounge.”
Taishi Okamoto: “During my senior summer, I paddled about 30 freshman, and about 5 of them were on school grounds.”
Jordan Lane: “Chris Lane is my brother.”
Skyler Reisinger: “I’ve licked every door handle in the school and have gotten mono twice, but that is unrelated.”
Ethan Cain: “One day in health class, genital warts were being shown on the board. I began to feel sick, so I got up and stumbled out. I then slammed into the wall, and fainted on the floor, I got up dazed, and proceeded to slam into another wall.”
Justin Edsell: “Skipped school several times to finish homework.”
Megan McMahon: “Sophomore year I wrote a paragraph on Mr. Guilfoyle’s white board in permanent marker.”
Matt Sichterman: “I was a KFC counselor as a freshman and I was jumping around in the stands and tripped and took out 3 girls.”
Andrea Montenegro: “One time I farted in class and blamed Jonathan Moster. The funny part was that everyone believed me.”
Kaleb Stutzman: “Making a fire ring out by Landen lake and having the fire Marshall being called on us.”

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