Football Seniors Reflect on Season


By Christian Pierce

On August 29th, 2017 the seniors at Kings High School started the final football season of their high school football career; dreaming of a winning record and becoming ECC and state champs, led by team captains Tommy Bauman, Sam Burgin, and Garrett Vanover. The Kings Football program has had a lot of success in the past, but unfortunately this season was a struggle. The three captains reflected back on this past football season.

Tommy Bauman, the Senior defensive lineman/linebacker and wide receiver, shared his thoughts, “We had a good season. It was a little bit rough with our schedule we had this year. We had a lot of young players on offense and defense, guys at new positions. We had to prove ourselves since losing a bunch of people last year. We came up just shy of the playoffs. We were really close in all of our games; we only lost to a couple of good teams by a touchdown or two; we were right there the whole game with them.”

Sam Burgin and Garrett Vanover, the other two team Captains, shared similar thoughts.                            

Burgin, one of the offensive linemen for the Knights, said this season was not what he was “hoping for,” but he said he was “proud of his team” given that they had such a tough schedule. Garrett Vanover, offensive lineman and defensive lineman for the Knights, shared his thoughts on how the season got off to a slow start, he also reflected how the team fought back and finished the year 5-5, which was an “average season.”

No matter what has happened on the field this season, or in the past three years, these seniors have a bright future ahead.

Sam  has “already overcome this season,” and he “does not deal with loss very hard.” He also said he is “somebody who is always trying to pick up the other kids on the team.” When Sam was asked about his football future,  he stated, “I’m not going to play in college. I  just want to go to college and enjoy myself. I’m going to go to UC and live with a couple of my friends down there.”

 Garrett Vanover shared his thoughts about overcoming this year’s season as well.“Just teaching the young guys how to be a better player and to just fight harder next year and be prepared.” Putting the season behind him, Vanover has big plans for his future. Vanover said he plans on continuing his football career in college. “I do, I have offers from Upper Iowa and Thomas Moore, as well as a walk on offer from UC.”


Tommy Bauman had a positive response about moving on from this season.  He shared  that he is going to “keep his head up high” and he will always remember “playing with all these guys, we are brothers,” He said. “We had fun playing through the years.” Tommy also plans to continue his football career in college, “I’m looking at some schools for playing in college, it depends on the deals they give me and what I get. I would love to play in college if I get the opportunity.”

With a promising future ahead for these three leaders of the Knights, there is still a lot to reflect on for these seniors. Unforgettable memories were shared by each team captain. Vanover said his favorite memory was: “The Loveland game this year. We didn’t have our main starting players there and the backups stepped up and we won that game by a lot. I was happy,” Vanover said.

One of Bauman’s favorite memories was in the playoffs when the Knights took on Miamisburg last season. “It was like twenty four to three at halftime and we were down. People were thinking we were going to get shut down.  Then right after the half, we came out screaming down the field scoring touchdowns and the defense held up some big stops. Before you knew it, it was twenty seven to twenty four. We were winning the game and just the atmosphere and the crowd there was crazy,” Bauman said.

Burgin also reflected on his favorite memory. “My favorite memory is when I was named captain. It was a big deal for me, both of my brothers were captains, so I felt like I had something to live up to. I always tried my hardest to lead by example on and off the field.” Sam also shared, “It was a relief” when he had been named captain because the coaches made the decision which was “A bigger deal” to Sam because the coaches trusted him. Sam said, “I always wanted to be a leader and I always have been, so I was pretty happy.”

Bauman, Burgin, and Vanover have left a mark on the King’s Knights football program with their great leadership on and off the field. These three fine athletes are an example of what Kings Football is all about.

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