Senior Edition 2018: Features
A Life Filled With Laughter

Article by Caleb Owens

IMG_5753Imagine sitting in an honors composition class hearing a sudden laughter at the expense of silence. The first reaction is to laugh, the second is to look up at her slowly and looked confused. She can’t help herself. Laughter tumbles out of her unconsciously. What’s that noise you tend to hear during an awkward silence? It’s Beth.

“I laugh in every situation; awkward silences ,anything funny, when I’m uncomfortable, when people start crying, etc…I also laugh when I’m mad and anxious.” It’s beth.

You have probably met Beth before. Whether it was when her mother brought out pizza rolls that burnt the roof of Beth’s mouth or when Beth flamed you with the most hilarious roast, you know Beth.

If you don’t know Beth, her cousin, Anna, will refresh your memory. “Her laugh is probably what she’s known for…she can’t go anywhere without laughing.

Even her mother, Julie Walker, says, “Beth is known as the funny person who makes everybody laugh, she can just crack us up.”

Whenever Beth is around, laughter surrounds her. Beth says, “I laugh at everything…I’m a goon… I’m a nice person most of the time. I cry a lot.” She can barely say that with a straight face.

Speaking of goons, Victor Corrao says, “Whenever Beth makes a joke people start crying from laughing so hard.” Victor is one of the many goons that continuously makes Beth laugh.

Beth Walker has been at Kings since Kindergarten. In the 7th grade she was homeschooled for medical reasons. She had a really hard time breathing and couldn’t get a full breath in. “None of the doctors knew what was wrong with me. They did tests everyday and they thought that it was asthma. They had me use inhalers and some kind of steroids that made me worse. They later found out that I had a vocal cord-dysfunction where your vocal chords rub together more, making it harder to breathe.”

Beth knew that she was never alone. Her friends came to visit her frequently at her house to check up on her. Her family later found a weird mold in the basement that affected her vocal cords because she was exposed to it. That never stopped her from laughing, though.

Most people don’t know about her amazing advice.

Her advice is one of her best attributes. “Get out more and have fun.” That’s some of the advice that she gives to Anna. Something so little goes a long way in Anna’s eyes and she’s very grateful for her cousin’s words and wisdom.

When is the last time you held a door for someone? Well, Beth would love to see you hold it for her or maybe not. Every time someone holds the door for her she starts crying happy tears. You are one good deed away from seeing a joyful teardrop fall to the floor. It seems like being nice can make Beth’s day. “Hugs, hugs, hugs… make my day better.”

Beth is persistent. She goes after everything that she wants and won’t stop until she gets it.

Julie says, “She’s persistent and very stubborn, but in a good way. If she wants something or needs something she is going to keep on going.”

It’s more than good deeds that make her mom’s day. Julie adds, “ Seeing her face makes me happy, whenever I pack her lunch she’s happy.”

Seeing Beth’s smile has a mirror effect. The next thing you know, a smile is forming across your face ear to ear, cheek to cheek. Not a lot of people have that effect on others. Those are once in a lifetime kind of people.

Some of Beth’s hidden talents include making situations awkward and her dancing. Maybe Beth doesn’t know it, but she makes people around her comfortable. People can be their true self around Beth and laugh with her the entire time.

Anna says that her cousin is, “Brave, caring, and always willing to lend a hand.”

Beth needs to be recognized because she brightens up everyone’s day. She has an ability to make people laugh no matter the situation.

You should probably go talk to Beth. She gives a killer imitation of Tina from Bob’s Burgers. You might as well watch some Bob’s Burgers and learn Tina’s dance moves. Beth has. Get to know Beth and find out what she is about. Reach every layer and peel back another one until you find a funny story about pizza rolls. Oh yeah, and give her a hug when you see her.

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