Senior Edition 2018
5 Years From Now

IMG_5762“Have a good start to my career, and not in Ohio”- Maddie Schlotterbeck

“In five years I hope to have a degree in sonography medical imaging and finding a job in a hospital with my 50 pet chihuahuas and coffee shop” – Katelyn Sevier

“I hope that five years from now, I’ll be traveling across the US & Europe on a book tour while also working with a record label to produce music videos.” – Celeste Riddell

“I hope to be the next Ninja.” – Connor Gates

“I hope to work at a museum, either in Cincinnati, Washington D.C, or Los Angeles. I want to work with late 19th and complete 20th century pop culture artifacts.” -Megan Westermeyer

“I want to be working in my dream field of epidemiology with people that are like-minded in a place far, far away from Ohio.” – Darby Schussel

“My hope is to be married and be working on my masters degree with plenty of money and wonderfully settled in a nice home here in Ohio. In the far future I’d love to move to California and pursue my performance career as a professional trombonist.” – Alec Yeaste

“I hope that in 5 years I’ll be living with 8 dogs on a beach.” – Abby Dorsa

“In five years I’ll still be in school probably regretting the fact that I didn’t change my major when I had the chance.” – Dunia Alkurdi

“In 5 years, I hope to be living in Nigeria or Haiti as a missions nurse serving in an orphanage, helping and loving orphans.” – Caroline Thomas

“I just hope I’m somewhere where it doesn’t snow in April. Also a malamute puppy would be nice.” – John Naughton

“Five years from now I hope to have a steady career, not to worry so much, learn to relax a bit more and fix my procrastination habits. I wish to be working with people and helping them anyway I can. I hope to live somewhere warm and sunny, but if not on the beach.” – Juste Kirieliute

“I wish to be making a difference.” – Anna Muenchen

“My dream is to be in a new location with a job in Computer Engineering that is strong enough to support my strenuous spending and expensive hobbies.” – Tate Owens

“To be working in the space industry” – Will Henn

“I hope to be going into Graduate school for genetic counseling.” – Madison Lunsford

“The dream would be a career in video game design, or at the very least something that is computer oriented.” – Jonathan Byrne

“I would like to be in grad school for Psychology research.” – Addie Collins

“Graduate college and work on a show as a Stage manager.” – Sabrina Sharpe

“Extremely happy and finishing up my graduate degree in school psychology.” – Karleigh Conner

“I hope to be living in Ohio or Canada. Also having a doctorate degree in my major.” – Ian Dalton

“5 years from now, I hope to be in medical school completing my first round of rotations at a hospital.” – Lahren Thibodeau

“Living in Florida with 3 dogs with my Jeep.” Mia Phelps

“Living in Georgia as a pediatric nurse practitioner.” – Maddie Gulbin

“Working with kids somehow, living somewhere on the ocean with lots of dogs and after that like 10 kids.” – Alana Alexander

“I’d love to be living in Boston either getting my masters or working to develop less invasive surgical equipment!” – Shannon Jelley

“In 5 years I hope to be caught up on all the mathxl I didn’t do freshman year.” – Hannah Kaiser

“In 5 years I hope to be graduating from the DAAP program of Industrial Design at University of Cincinnati. Hopefully I will have a job lined up, and if not then searching for one. I hope to get out of the city, maybe even the states. My dream is to travel and see as much of the world as I can.” – Chloe Byrne

“In five years I hope to not be drowning in student loan debt.” – Kendall Constable

“In five years, I hope to be in grad school at OSU, studying to be an Orthodontist. I’ll probably have an apartment in Dublin because it’s so pretty there and close to campus.” – Jade Ghobar

“I hope to be graduated from THE Ohio State University. I want to then further my education at physical therapy school, either still at ohio state or somewhere along the east/west coast.” – Tabitha Song

“In 5 years I hope to be in graduate school at Milligan College, pursuing my dream of becoming an occupational therapist.” – Amber Mitchell

“Be the boss of my own company.” – Brooklyn Buck

“Five years from now I will be starting my Masters of Science in Nursing degree. I wish to live in apartments near the UC campus. Once I land a job after I graduate, I hope to sometime continue my education to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.” -Tiffany Steele

“Getting married and traveling the world.” – Nick Rizzo

“Probably grad school, doing research and getting my masters and doctorate in Astrophysics or Chemical Physics.” – Andy Maier

“Not living with my parents.” – Claire Meyer

“Law school.” – Halle Farber

“Being Financially stable.” – Victor Corrao

“Five years from now I hope to be
1) out of college
2) doing whatever makes me happy and getting paid to do it.” – Bella Spleen

“Hopefully five years from now I will be in medical school.” – Grace Nunns

“Freshly graduated, in my own place with all 49256 animals, and in a career that I wholeheartedly love and enjoy being a part of.”- Savannah Manley

“I hope to be working as a speech therapist in Cincinnati or Pittsburgh.” – Teresa Klaber

“Graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science.” – Nate Muenchen

“I dream of replacing Woodall in school and scaring freshman like the old days.” – A.J. Feldstein

“Wrestling in the WWE.” – Sam Burgin

“I hope to be obtaining my degree in clinical psychology and have a job waiting post graduation. I hope to have my own place it doesn’t really matter where as long as it’s mine. And I hope that maybe I have a book out in the world or on submission toward the track of being a published author :).” – Corinna Cooper

“Hype beast.” – Mickey Kruse

‘Rich with supreme clout.” – Chris Stock

“In five years I plan to be working in an engineering firm somewhere near home.” – Gideon Diebel

“Hope to be in Washington DC, in their cyber security division.” – Nathan Witter

“Hoping I don’t regret my major choice. I wish I will love what I chose to go to school for 8 years for. Hopefully living on my own.” – Dunia Alkudri


“Heading to grad school to become an optometrists.” – Halle Bledsoe


“To be in the school of veterinary science at The Ohio State University” – Sara Wilson

“I hope i live in LA in five years and working at zumiez.” – Gio Batac

“MLL team somewhere” – Jack Scharner

“I hope to not be living with my parents in 5 years.” – Claire Meyer

“I am going to be a real estate entrepreneur. Also ties to multiple businesses involving finances. I will have two degrees in economics and finance. I’ll be stepping foot into the fashion industry as well investing in companies as a “Shark.” I will not stop until I am successful enough to be a philanthropist and help out those kids who have people in their life that tell them they cannot chase their dreams.” – Chris Lane

“I’m getting an education degree so I hope I’m exactly where I’m at right now, Kings High School.” – Dvon Moore

“I want to be a very rich man living out in California in 5 years with a nice family.” – Trey McKiernan

“ I hope to be working at children’s hospital and furthering my education in medical school” – Kara Monroe



“I hope to be working at SpaceX building rockets that will send people to Mars.” – Nick Braun

“Working at GE.” – Chris Johnson

“I hope to be traveling the country and helping other people and improving their quality of life.” – Chandler Kircher

“I hope to be an English teacher at Kings High School and live on a farm.” – Sara Clark

“Major. League. Baseball.” – Gavin McGaughey

“I hope to be a pro fighter.” – kcook

“To move out west and start my business career.” – Blake Vilga

“Work in automotive shop and have a couple more mustangs.” – Fadi Shehadeh

“Sitting on fat stacks.” – Chase Coomer


“I wish to get a good job and live along the west coast.” – Anastasia Jones

“Teaching first grade.” – Cece Reich

“Manager at a Restaurant I enjoy.” – Jeff Axelson

“In 5 years, I plan on hopefully changing the world.” – dbikmayev

“Professional Tennis player.” – Victor Corrao

“I hope to be engaged, in California, working at a job I am passionate about in a creative field.” – Olivia Katenkamp

“5 years from now I would like to still be in college getting my masters degree in nursing. During that time I would like to be working in a hospital as a pediatric nurse. When I’m done with school I would like to move back to Cincinnati and work in a hospital there.” – Sammy Harris

“I want to have a bulldog.” – Beth Walker

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