Columbia holds ‘Walk for Water’

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Carley Stelmack

C. Stelmack

Columbia Intermediate School 6th graders recently read a book called “A Long Walk to Water,” which is based on a true story addressing the water needs in Sudan.

Students were so moved by the story they were instantly asking what they could do to help.

Tracy Kleis, 6th grade Language Arts teacher, explained that she was pleased by the eagerness of the students and wanted to see what they could do.

“I lead the kids to want to do the project,” she said.

Now, the school will be holding a “Walk for Water” campaign next week, Nov. 3 to Nov. 14. Students are being asked to collect pledges from friends and family. Along with the pledge sheet students will need to bring in an unopened jug of water to bring along on the walk. The water is to honor those in Sudan and will be donated to Matthew 25 Ministries and all money collected will be donated to Water for Sudan, Inc.

In addition to the walk-a-thon students in Mrs. Kleis’s class were asked to present a presentation to their classmates about South Sudan and why they are doing this.

The excitement and dedication coming from this group of students is quite inspiring. 6th graders Zyad Alkurdi, Ethanstelmacksudan Yeaste, Ryan Huneck, and Kamryn Apell explained a man named Salva started the organization because he lost multiple people close to him due to the water in Sudan.

Salva spends 6 months in the U.S raising money and fundraising and 6 months in Sudan building wells. When asked why do you think this is important? Yeaste simply said,

“Because there’s a lot of people in need.”

According to Kleis, the students will be participating in multiple activity’s along with the walk-a-thon, including a water challenge and a water bottle sale.

“I’m trying to teach the kids to help others and give back”

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Columbia holds ‘Walk for Water’