Welcome wagon, with pizza


Kings High School welcomed 74 new students on Thursday with pizza and plenty of veteran students to roll out the welcome wagon. Kings has seen increases in its student population for several years now, as the community continues to grow. Check back with The Knight Times Vol. 6 Issue 1, coming soon, for full coverage. 

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Knights storm the castle


The Kings Local School District launched the 2014-15 school year on Tuesday, as school administrators and staff greeted students in front of the high school and junior high.

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You’re Gonna Make It


The Class of 2014 said goodbye to Kings for the last time on Saturday, as thousands of friends, family and Kings faculty gathered at Xavier’s Cintas Center for graduation. Scroll down to see the rest of The Knight Times annual Senior Edition, and have a great summer.


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Oh, The Places You’ll Go …


After 12 years together, The Kings High School Class of 2014 will soon span out across the map to find their futures. The Knight Times annual Senior Survey is complete, and here are the results. Click above to visit our interactive map to see where survey respondents are headed to college, or scroll down to see some of the memories they shared. We will continue to update through the remainder of the school year. Thank you for all your support, and have a great summer!

map compiled by Knight Times editor J.T. Grugen.

Senior Wills


As they wrap up their final days as Kings students, the Class of 2014 took a moment to reflect on their legacies and share with The Knight Times a number of memories, advice and recollections from their past 12 years in school. One question we asked was, “What will you leave behind? And to whom? Here are the results: Our “Senior Wills”:

I, Jackson Schueler, will to Delaney Schueler, the noble blood of the Dart Wars Champion.

I, Alicia No-Middle-Name Krynock, will to Matthew Allen Francis Tracey all the sass in my bones, so you can rule the school as section leader of fun with bad puns, interpretive dance, and Korean culture.

I, Jen Niemantsverdriet, will to Rachel Lehn and Sam Leahy Sparkle Spray. Regardless of participation in Drumline, its your responsibility to cover all of the boys in glitter at some point. For some reason, I don’t think this will be a challenge for you two. Read more of this post

Lunch, Al Fresco


Celebrating one of their last lunches as Kings High School students — on the school roof — are Class of 2014 members Alex Allee, Alyssa King, Laura Bruns, Cara Thomas, and Claire Sichterman.

The songs that bind us

Music is the true form of art that binds all of us together. Regardless of who you are, music has the power to help us connect and celebrate. It also has the power to characterize very specific periods in our lives, forming a literal “soundtrack” to our lives.

The Class of 2014 has lived through some great (and not-so-great) music over the past twelve years, and here are a few that continue to live on in our collective memory.

‘01 – ‘02: Kindergarten: Train – Drops of Jupiter

Honorable mention: “Fallin’” by Alicia Keys, “Hanging By a Moment” by Lifehouse, “Ride Wit Me” by Nelly

Take a musical journey through the past 12 years below …  Read more of this post

Those ‘awkward’ moments
IMG_7446Everyone has a lot of memories from high school – including the good, bad, and the downright embarrassing. Kings High School seniors have a few stories to share.

Jackson Schueler: When I boxed in my green lanterns and pictures were taken
Alicia Krynock: Nothing. I don’t make mistakes
Jennifer Niemantsverdriet: As a senior, I had to ask where the principal’s office was because I’d never been there
Jeffrey Martin: Any time my laugh reaches Mickey Mouse levels
Casey Ryan: I have too many to count, but nobody ever notices when something embarrassing happens
Matthew Wagner: Tripping up the stairs Read more of this post

What would you do differently?


If you could change something about the high school, or your experience, what would you do differently?
When Seniors look back on their high school experiences, they often wish they could change something about them. Here is how they responded in our survey …

“I would…

“Be more social” -Samuel Parrott

“Be friends with nerdy kids earlier because they rock.” -Claire Sichterman

“I wouldn’t blow off freshman year, and get the highest GPA possible.” -Miranda Anderson Read more of this post

What will you miss most?


As the school year comes to an end, many seniors will be coming upon the bittersweet day of graduation. While excited to move on to college and bigger and better things, they will still miss things about Kings High School that college can never replace. Here are some of the seniors’ responses to what they will miss most:

Miranda Anderson: The english teachers and being exposed to classic literature all the time.
Casey Ryan: The teachers and marching band
Matthew Wagner: Seeing my peeps
Jackson Schueler: The community of friends. you can walk in a class knowing no one and by the end of the year your great friends with everyone
Emma Belanger: My popularity
Allison Herdon: My favorite english teachers. they are my rocks. Read more of this post

Advice to freshmen


As seniors, Kings students have learned a lot since their freshman year. They have learned the do and the don’ts, what classes to take and what classes to stay away from, and all the little secrets to succeeding in high school.

Seniors were asked what advice they had for all of the income freshmen. Here were their answers:

“Take high school seriously, study, but have fun and let the good times roll. These really are the best years of your life!” -Taelor McCarthy

“Don’t be afraid of change. High school is a time of change, be who you are. No matter what anyone thinks of you, what you know to be true is what really matters.” -John McMullen

“Get to know upperclassman. Especially if they hang out with Dimes.” -Jackson Schueler Read more of this post

What does the future hold?


“Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?” This was one of the many questions The Knight Times posed to the Class of 2014 on our annual senior survey. An overwhelming majority of this year’s seniors simply stated that they will be either graduating college, pursuing a masters degree, or in search of a job. Many of those are included below.

Pedro A. Garcia: Graduated from college and working for a business while living in Europe.

Kris Hacker: In South Carolina, engineering things.

Sam Kasuga: Working for a company in the IT field.

John McMullen: Wherever I am needed. Read more of this post

Favorite Memory


As the 2014 school year comes to a close, the seniors look back and reminisce on their times in High School. There have been good times and bad but when asked “What is your favorite memory from high school?” one thing comes to mind for each student.

Pedro Garcia: When the business classes of Mr. Robinson took a field trip to New York and Philadelphia

Kris Hacker: Answering the game-saving question for quiz team on Senior Night against Turpin.

Sam Kasuga: During my time, the band won 3 MSBA Grand Championships in 4 years.  Read more of this post

Favorite Books


Throughout high school, many books are assigned and lots of students read in their free time. Whether they’re a popular young adult novel or a classic, the lessons the books teach can be used to help students persevere in hard times for the rest of their lives. Here’s some of the class of 2014’s favorite books.

1. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
2. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
3. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Some other favorites are:

Nadia Bayyari: The chocolate war, the only book I read in high school

Allison Hoyle: The Catcher in the Rye

Stephanie Fadayel: Hamlet

Darcy Kircher:The Fault in our Stars Read more of this post


IMG_7445Throughout the course of high school, there are many great times, sad times and also embarrassing moments that can sometimes be the best memories. The class of 2014 has compiled a list of some of the confessions of high school that they will never forget:

Matthew Sannella: I don’t actually go to the doctor every time I’m sick.

Anna Murray: I was absent a lot, but was never actually sick.

Jacob Oldham: I never did homework at home.

Collin Cooper: Everyday at track practice my senior year i scammed my way out of it.

Jacob Wires: Everyday Junior year during Wheeler’s paper, Kallan, Jared and I played basketball in the gym instead of working on our paper.  Read more of this post


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