Halloween costume rumors cause problems


Five seniors dressed up from popular movie series Scream

Alexa Hackney, Staff Writer

A rumor about the entire student body wearing Halloween costumes has everyone questioning senior privileges.

Prior to this year, only seniors could wear costumes and participate in the Monster Mash. The rumor suggests that all students will be able to wear costumes to school Halloween day. 

“Considering I was the  last class to have it just be us, I feel like it’s also unfair to the current senior class since it was something special and it was taken away,” Alicia Barnett, 2019 alumni, says.

In a Knight Times survey of 495 students,  60% of the student body say they also think Halloween costumes should be a senior privilege. 

 Before the new policy was revealed as a rumor, seniors felt as if their privileges were being taken away.  

“I feel like the [administration] hates us because they always change the rules. Even the freshmen have more privileges than us at this point,” Shur says.

On October 26, Principal Doug Leist sent out a tweet confirming that the new policy is just a rumor. 

“I think part of the problem was we listen to rumors instead of coming down and asking us [the administration]. Kids every year have said we should be allowed, well it’s the same reason the seniors get outside seating,” Assistant Principal Ron Corradini says.