Playlist of the Week – Staff Playlist

Kaitlyn Beauchamp, A&E Section Editor

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This Playlist is brought to you by Abby MacNeil, Feature Section Editor

“As a musical theatre nerd, I’ve always been a sucker for Original Broadway Cast Soundtracks. Recently, I was lucky enough to see Mean Girls down at the Aronoff, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I might be biased because my birthday is October 3rd, but sitting down in the orchestra and witnessing the magic that the cast created was so surreal. “Do This Thing” is one of the last numbers, which takes place during the mathlete competition. It’s not popular among the fandom, but it’s a personal favorite of mine. The math pun and the high riff on “the limit does not exist” sends goosebumps down my spine. I was most excited to see Danielle Wade, who plays Cady Heron in the touring company, and she did not disappoint! I even got to meet her at the stage door after the show. I think that’s why “Mean Girls” is my number one right now.” -Abby MacNeil, junior.