Paige Dwyer, 9


Paige Dwyer, freshman at Kings. Photo by Mattie Foster

Madelyn Foster, Staff Writer

“I came from homeschool and its extremely different, and it was a very big change. We moved from Forest Park to Mainville and now I’m here. I always knew that I was going to go to a public highschool cause I knew it probably wouldn’t work, and dad talked to me about it -but I’m having lots of fun and I like it. At the end of the day I’m always super stressed, but then it gets better later. In the beginning I’m happy and I’m all good and then at 7th bell -that’s when the stress kicks in. I like theatre class. That’s my 7th bell, but I realized that my stage fright is a lot worse than I thought it was. I thought it was like very, very minor, but I hate being on stage, so much. That’s been stressing me out.”