Playlist of the Week – Student Playlist

Kaitlyn Beauchamp, A&E Editor

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This Playlist is brought to you by Mckenzie Blair, student 


“They [the songs] are catchy, emotional, funny, and romantic. When I listen to these songs, I picture things that are just fun. Music makes me picture places I’ve never been, or things I’ve always wanted to go, or things I’ve wanted to try. I picture the people I wish I was with, and memories of the past. I always picture being in New Orleans with the songs, the festivals and the parades that go down the street every week. I just randomly listened to a bunch of Beyoncé songs one day and heard “Daddy Lessons” and I really liked the vibe I get from listening to it. After I listened to it, that was the only song I listened to the next day. My sister got me into Beyoncé a long time ago. We would also dance to “Single Ladies.””  McKenzie Blair, Sophomore.