Mal-Blum “Pity Boy” Review


Lexi Hackney

As Mal Blum says,  “I’ve got phrases” to say about their album “Pity Boy.” It’s a mashup of folk and rock music, so I can’t decide whether I’m jamming out or calming down. Both are put together to form an album I listen to pretty much every day. 

Fours years is a long time to wait for a new album to come out. It was definitely worth the wait let me tell you. Personally, this album has been my go-to since it was released. It’s the type I can put on when my friends come over and they can jam too. 

I really want to talk about the lyrics in this album. To say the least, they all fit together nicely. I know Mal Blum is known for being a great lyricist but they have really outdone themselves this time. Throughout every song you can tell they really enjoy writing songs. The vibrant guitar strings plucked in the background can be clearly heard and tie into the indie style of music more than any other. 

I really vibe to this type of music. What I’m referencing is the mix of different styles in the music. In this case they mix rock, indie, and folk styles of music. “Black Coffee” serves as a great example because it’s one of their more indie based songs. A strong contrast from another song in the same album called “Gotta Go.” The first has a lighter sound while the second has a deeper sound created by the bass and drums humming throughout the background. The overall theme of this album is life. The songs are all about things that inevitably happen in real life.  

Next, let’s talk about the album cover chosen. In my opinion, I like the bright, contrasting colors. It makes the little bit of flowers stand out even more. What I can only assume is a birthday cake on the floor really adds to the theme of “Pity Boy.” I really like the sheets added to the people in the chairs. That way people can picture themselves in that image. I personally can picture myself in most of the songs, so the album cover adds to that effect.

  My overall opinion of this album is positive. I like how they wrote and produced the songs. The whole feeling the album radiates is chill and I definitely recommend you listen to it.

 I rate this album ★★★★☆.