“Among Us” game offers distraction during pandemic


Lexi Hackney

The Knight Times wins as a solo imposter during a match of Among Us.

Over two months ago Among Us dominated the gaming world. Students from all across the world started playing anytime they were free. Using their phones or computers they played the massive multiplayer game until you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about it. 

“The Impostor will sabotage the ship, sneak through vents, deceive, and frame others to remain anonymous and kill off the crew. While everyone is fixing up the ship, no one can talk to maintain anonymity. Once a body is reported, the surviving crew will openly debate who they think The Impostor is,” InnerSloth, the game developer, says.

Among Us is a multiplayer game that can have up to ten players. As soon as the game starts players run off to complete tasks and get closer to victory. At least one crewmate is actually a parasitic shapeshifter with a goal to eliminate the crew before the ship reaches home. 

“My username is currently Totoro after the Studio Ghibli movie. My character is usually white or purple and depending on what color I am I either wear a cherry or witch hat,” Alford says. 

Declan Alford, junior, has been playing Among Us for about a month. He plays everyday and especially enjoys playing with friends.

“I really like being the imposter. If I had to add anything to the game it would be more maps. Also some new character designs would be nice too. Then the game would be more diverse,” Tallon says. 

Sara Tallon is an alumni who also plays Among Us in her free time. Currently she goes to Ohio State University. Tallon spends lots of time playing the game in her dorm room. 

“It’s a fun game that you can play with your friends and you don’t have to spend hours and hours to be good,” Gasparyan says.

Narek Gasparyan, sophomore, heard about Among Us when it just began to get popular. 

In a time of uncertainty students turned to something they could rely on: video games. That’s the reason games like Among Us are becoming so popular. By coming together online, students are getting through, one task at a time. 

“Among Us is a good game to just escape to. It’s relaxing, and something good to go to for half an hour and recharge. In my favorite round, me and one other person was the impostor. We had a really good kill streak going, and double teamed. We also got close to one another and became friends,” Alford says.