Parker: Behind The Books


Maggie Cunningham
M. Cunningham

Although JoAnn Parker has been the assistant in the Kings High School Bradford Media Center for 15 years, she has been hard at work for much longer than that.

Before taking on her BMC duties at Kings, Parker worked as a health aid and a board of education secretary.

She said she likes her job at KHS the best.

“The best part of KHS is how focused all the staff is about the students, and that is what is most important,” Parker said. “I am very lucky to work here. A great part of this job is the flexibility because it is extremely convenient.”

Parker typically spends her day restocking the shelves, checking in and out books, also monitoring and interacting the study hall students. It’s not always an easy job.

“My favorite part of my job is processing new books and seeing the smiles on kid’s faces when they receive the new books,” she said.

Bradford Media Center Specialist Chris Chamberlain, a former KHS science teacher now in his second year running the BMC, said he is lucky to have Parker as his coworker.

“She is very precise with all the books and is extremely good at her job,” said Chamberlain.

Student library aide Alex Hamilton agrees that Parker is a great addition to the staff.

“She always recommends very good books for me, and I can always count on her,” said Hamilton.