Community service: how it’s changing


Tracy Goldie

Senior community service day 2021

A potential community service requirement change for the current junior class occurs as a result of the pandemic.

This year student council proposed a change for the school. Covid restrictions have made it hard for students to get out there and complete their community service hours.

“I think the reason student council brought it up is that the students felt like there are still issues about trying to get community service done. So, they brought it to our attention,” Mrs. King said.

The graduation requirement is 50 hours; however, the class of ‘22 has had theirs lowered to 35. 

Changing the hours for juniors would bring big changes not only for the students, but also the staff. Mrs. Brant would have fewer entries to verify if the hours are lowered.

I do know that non-profit agencies are having difficulties with fulfilling volunteer opportunities, so I think that it is important that we continue to teach the value of serving our community and those less fortunate than ourselves. Inspiring Services has done a great job of suggesting remote volunteer activities throughout the entire pandemic so, I think there have been opportunities to earn hours,” Brant said. 

The community service seal is a seal awarded to students who complete a service project that met the guidelines set by the school district board of education. 

“My light bulbs are going off thinking, do we need to have a requirement of 50 hours, or 35 hours, or really any hours. But, if students satisfy this whole community service seal, and do their presentations, and earn that seal, that might be the wave of the future that we need to look into,” Leist said. 

While the big question looms over the heads of the administrators and board members, students have personal feelings about the situation. 

After completing a poll with students’ opinions, 82.6% agreed with lowering the hours.

“I think we should have them lowered to 40 because COVID began our freshman year. Plus, I do three sports, I barely have enough time for myself let alone community service,” Sam Knenneweg said 

“Due to covid, it might be harder for people to find places to volunteer at and some people [in my grade] had no hours last year because they did online and didn’t want to risk it,” Ava Goulle, a sophomore, said.

Everything is left up in the air. The decision is a tough one to make, and students are eager to hear the final say.

“I would say lowering the hours for juniors would help a ton of people out. While, more volunteer opportunities have opened up since COVID restrictions have been lifted, the brunt of the juniors’ time in high school has been impacted by COVID,” Katie Ripley, a senior, said

With the growing knowledge of COVID, administrative members are beginning to think that the hours should remain at 50. 

During COVID, there were challenges of getting hours completed. Now there are many places that are allowing students/people to volunteer when previously they were not allowed.  When the pandemic initially made its way into Ohio, businesses and public places were closed. Now that they are open, people have the ability to complete community service while wearing masks and remaining safe,” Leist said.