Head coach steps down, leaving a lasting impression


Jaime Shutt

Freshman, Jv, and Varsity players running the annual breakfast with santa

With Kevin McClung stepping down from the head coaching position of the men’s baseball team, this year’s players feel apprehensive about a new coach, a new season, a new approach.

Lance Durham comes to Kings after gaining experience as an assistant coach at Fairfield High School. Players have heard good things about Durham’s approach to hitting and fielding, but they hope to make McClung’s legacy proud.

“I believe things will be pretty weird and it will take a couple years to get used to,” junior Colin Hunter said. 

The players know that McClung’s legacy at Kings will last forever. 

“Coach McClung held us to high standards that allowed us to compete at a high level and win games,” senior Sam Palmieri said. 

Expectations are high for this year, even with the loss of coach McClung. Returning varsity players plan to lead the team while former JV players will have to step up and fill roles. 

“I believe that we will be solid this year and have a shot to make a playoff run. There are guys who need to step up and bring this team together,” Junior Jack Smith said. 

Seniors value the bond they have created from playing together for years. 

“Our chemistry is going to drive us through this change. Us seniors believe that the coach will fit right into our chemistry,” Palmieri said. 

Hard times will come under a new head coach but the players are determined to not let this dictate their season.

“Adversity is something that the senior leaders will carry us through. With their leadership, we should have no problems with adversity,” Hunter said. 

With the new coach coming in, the players will have to come together and adapt to his coaching style. 

“We have to trust every decision he makes for us and know that at the end of the day he knows what is best for us,” Junior Will Kocher said.