Erica, 9


Erica with her cat

I love to hang out with my friends but I also like to be alone sometimes. I can’t hang out with my friends too much. I’m not that kind of girl. I like when I’m home alone on weekends. Normally, I’ll hang out in my room and watch movies. I like matching my pajama sets and organizing my room. I’m a really organized person. That can be helpful in a lot of situations. It keeps on a schedule. For me, it’s really good. I always do bullet journals. Making lists can be super helpful. Olivia (oldest sister) taught me to be organized. She teaches me how to keep all my stuff in order and how to save money – adult kinds of things. I never like having sleepovers on the weekends, especially after football games. I’ve already hung out with people for so long – I just can’t. I end up feeling like I want to change and I can’t sleep with makeup on. Like, I need to do my skincare routine. Even yesterday, my friend was trying to FaceTime and I was like, ¨ Hold on. I’ll call you back in a second, I’m in the middle of my skincare routine.¨ But, I can’t always do stuff to please other people. That’s kind of why I’m always by myself and do things for myself. If other people aren’t pleased with you – I sit back and think that can’t always be my fault. Jolie (older sister) has taught me that it’s ok to not hang out with your friends every night. Just to be alone and take time to yourself. Not to do everything to impress your friends or impress guys.