Practice makes perfect: gymnastics team setting new records


Emily Chapman

Gymnastics team takes a team picture after competing at Anderson

After countless hours of preparation, the Lady Knights start the 2022 gymnastics season strong, coming off record-breaking performances at Anderson and Turpin.

“We did pretty well,” sophomore Abbie Snyder said. “We have gotten the highest team scores we’ve ever had in the past 3 years, since the start of the program.”

The team scored a new school record of 126.9 at the Win the Day Invitational at Anderson and a 121.15 at the Turpin Invitational. These program highs come about with of countless hours practicing. 

“Since the summer we’ve had practices to prepare for competition season. Everyone has improved so much. The girls are learning new skills and it’s impressive,” junior Brittany Gause said. 

Snyder and Gause account for top talents on the team. All-around athletes like Snyder compete in every apparatus while Gause focuses specifically on vault and floor, a common favorite on the team. 

“I like the tumbling and dancing. It’s the one I’m most confident for, it’s just fun,” Gause said. 

Floor routines bring about creativity and utilize all the skills a gymnast knows. It’s a time to show off everything you have, Snyder said. Snyder makes a large impact on the team as one of only two all-around gymnasts.

“One of our goals is to get more girls doing all-around. So we are practicing constantly to work towards this goal,” Snyder said. 

Even with difficult practices, the team does their best to enjoy the moment and have fun.

“The coaches do a great job of encouraging us and relaxing nerves,” Gause said. “They always say have a positive attitude and cheer each other on. Make those butterflies fly away.”

Confidence goes a long way in competitions. Feeling cool and collected translates to composure during routines.

“There’s a lot of stress at competitions but our bond keeps us together. We practice like how we’d perform at a meet. Just let loose and do what we do best,” Snyder said. 

Hitting their midseason stride, the team looks the capitalize off their success and set the tone for the rest of the year. 

“It’s really fun to see the girls upgrade their skills and compete. Our hard work has us improving every week. There’s a lot to look forward to in the program,” Gause said.