Naomi,‌ ‌9‌

Sophia Jeng, Managing Editor

“I’m currently in foster care. On the verge of getting adopted, which is great. But, I had to leave my siblings and we had to be split apart. We had to leave my mom and dad. When I first got separated I was 11. It was the day after my birthday, then we went back home – I’ve only been in foster care twice. All together, I think 5 years. But when I went back home, I didn’t go back to both my parents – only one. We were only home for about a year until my dad passed. He suddenly got really sick. I was 13 when my dad died and I went to my mom’s. My mom was supposed to get us back. They call it a safety plan, but it’s not really a safety plan if you’re not safe. Services checked on us and they saw how it kept getting worse – and there was a baby with us on top of it. That’s my mom’s child, not my dad’s. Her name is Harper. She’s two years old now. So then we went back to foster care. It was in August when we went to foster care again.  August 28 I believe. So, only three of us stayed together and Harper split apart. We still see each other because we have visits. It’s pretty cool because Harper is getting adopted too, and we’re all getting adopted on the same day. Stacy is the woman adopting us. She’s very nice. She’s a kind person. She’s adopting four kids – but she’s already adopted lots of kids. There’s a total of 13 kids. Three kids are hers – the rest she adopted. I feel great. I can’t wait. I’m starting my life over again.”