Artist of the week: Wyatt Russell


Ryan Flecker

Wyatt Russel playing the keyboard while student aiding for Mr. Moore’s speech class

Senior Wyatt Russell’s artistry takes many forms. Whether acting, drawing, singing, or playing the keys, Russell loves entertaining others while expressing herself. In the halls, Russell lugs around her big keyboard that she often practices in class (with headphones plugged in, of course). Music performance is a more recent creative infatuation of Russells, one she quickly grew to love.

“It makes me feel great just listening to a song and figuring out how to play it, it’s like I’m solving a puzzle with each song,” Russell said. 

While she adores music, acting is her main focus. Especially as the opening weekend for Wizard of Oz the musical draws near, in which Russell will be playing the Emerald City Guard. Above all else, acting has brought the most fulfillment for Russell.

“[Through theater] I have gained community and so many friends,” Russell said.
“It has fulfilled my sense of happiness and purpose throughout highschool.”