The regimen of off season athletes


Narek Gasparyan does pull ups to work on arm strength. Photo taken by: Umed Mukhitdinov

Senola Johnson, Features Section Editor

Heavy weights, staying active and eating healthy. Outside of the athletic season, athletes find weight lifting helpful through a mental positive mindset and become better in shape during the week. 

Senior, Narek Gasparyan, works out weekly to stay fit. During the soccer season he goes 2-3 times a week while in the off season he goes 6 days out of the week.

Gasparyan had other motives for going to the gym other than staying in shape for soccer. 

“I felt insecure about my body,” Gasparyan said. 

Gasparyan sees the positive outlook to reaching the goal he always wanted and keeps moving forward knowing he will reach it with consistency. 

“Every time I see progress in myself it motivates me to keep going,” Gasparyan said.

Gasparyan uses different aids, Like listening to music and taking pre-workout. To help stay focused while trying to stay motivated to work towards his goals. 

Senior, Vanessa Tckhovrebov, gained inspiration to exercise from quarantine. The alone time even fostered the transition from running to weight lifting. Takes a lot of discipline to stay consistent. 

“Over quarantine, I started running because I was isolated and there was nothing to do so I really got into running. Working out releases dopamine in your brain, it can help you mentally and physically. After a couple of months, I transitioned into weights and I loved it,” Tckhovrebov said. 

Working out is half the battle of staying in shape, eating right is key for student athletes to prepare for the upcoming season. Senior wrestler, Umed Mukhitdinov prepares for the athletic season by meal prepping. 

“I try to get protein every meal so I eat a lot of meat and yogurts, I shop for my groceries once a week so it makes it easier,” Mukhitdinov said. 

Maintaining healthy food habits cutting back on junk foods helps athletes reach the desired look,  and make sure to stay healthy during the process. 

“I just don’t eat as much junk food in general and try to ease up on the snacks. My diet is just a high protein and high carb diet,” Gasparyan said. 

Youtube can assist as a great source to use to start your journey of working out. Experiment with what works, with tutorials on how to do it. 

“Always do your research before you lift. Learn proper form. Don’t be scared and think people are judging you because they’re not. They’re too worried about themselves. Don’t overthink when you go on a diet and make it flexible. Be patient and trust the process,” Gasparyan said.