Split Homecoming; split opinions


Underclassmen getting their groove on at the Great Wolf Lodge conference center. Photo Taken by: Doug Leist

Arianna Maldonado, News Section Editor

The Student Council split this year’s Homecoming between underclassmen and upperclassmen due to capacity limitations in the Great Wolf Lodge conference center. 

“Our issue is gonna be that the room only holds 1,200 [people],” Elisa King, student council advisor said. “So that’s why we split it up. If we go over 1,200 there’s no way we’re going to be able to have the dance at the same time.”

King sent out a survey on October 5th to “see what the kids thought” about Homecoming in general. Not only are the dances being split, but opinions on this concept are also split down the middle. 

Students had different judgments about Homecoming, but the only concern on everyone’s minds was the separate dance times.

Taylor Kleis, Homecoming court nominee, wanted the dances combined.

 “I think that they have their reasons, but as someone who has friends in older grades, and just the social aspect in general, it would be more fun to have everyone together. It might be crowded though,” Kleis said.

On the other hand, student council secretary, Diego Medina believed that the dances should be segregated. 

“This year we had 1,150 people buy tickets, so when we’re able to split the dances up we’re able to have more people in each dance. Everyone wants to go with the upperclassmen, but logically,  it’s better, so I think the split works very well,” Medina said. 

Ava Gendreau felt neutral about the whole dilemma.

“I thought this year’s Homecoming was better than last year’s. The music and decorations were good,” Gendreau said. “The lemonade was bomb. I just thought it was overall pretty good.”

In total, the dance seemed to be a great bonding experience for students who went, and a success according to students and chaperones. 

“For Homecoming, the only thing that matters is the location and the DJ, having nice decorations and food is nice, but the main thing people go for is to have fun and party,” Medina said.