The Browns Bright Future


Brandon Gross, Sports Section Editor

As the Browns and Bengals are tied 1-1 after playing each other this season, many people  think that these teams are evenly matched. Sadly, for Bengals fans, your team is the inferior one. Now I know everyone is going to look at our record and the Bengals success last season but recorders don’t always tell the full story.

This has been an eventful season, to put it simply. The Browns traded for Deshaun Watson, who didn’t even play the first 11 games of the season because he got suspended for being a “stand up gentleman.” Watson has been rusty but if you look at the Browns roster, we have all the pieces to outdo the Bengals next season. 

The Browns defense can match up with the Bengals two man show of Joe Burrow and Jamarr Chase, as was shown last season. The only thing holding the Browns back is Joe Woods, the defensive coordinator, who doesn’t do his job half of the time. 

The offense on the other hand contains promise all over the field. At the wide receiver position, we have a veteran in Amari Cooper and some young talent in Donovan Peoples-Jones, who has been quietly having a breakout year. At running back, The Browns have the duo of Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb to run through the trenches. David Njoku, a tight end, plays well when he is healthy and all these offensive weapons when combined with Watson, when he’s gotten the rust off, completes the perfect recipe for success. 

Browns fans have waited for a repeat of the successful 2020-2021 season, where they made the playoffs and demolished the Steelers. They may not have to wait too long though, as the future in the Land is looking brighter than ever.