Alayna, Junior


“The things my friends say stick with me. Their opinions get to me and change the way I view things. I sometimes think differently because of what they say. My view of school was changed by my friends because they have such negativity towards school and describe it as super draining. I never used to describe school that way, but since I am surrounded by those people, my perspective has changed. Deep down I like school. I’ve been trying to work harder, but when I see someone that is not working as hard and they’re still living life and having fun, it influences me to do what they’re doing. There is such a stigma about school being a negative thing on social media. Especially if you want to go to college. People on social media make continuing your education seem very draining. I do have some friends and teachers that have helped me study and stay motivated to get good grades so I can have a future. I want to do something I am passionate about, happy with, and good at for my future career. I want to do something that makes life worth living.”