Review: Rose on the Avenue releases first single


Photographer: Holly Blazek

Oliver Mack, Web Manager

Alumni Jake Murrel and DJ Webb’s band Rose On The Avenue celebrates Infamy, their first single released on Spotify today, March 3rd, 2023. The five-minute song doesn’t disappoint.

Last May I went to see Jake Murrel’s band. I remember the vibe being calm and collected as the sun went down in the park. The band played for hours. Their setlist included songs they’ve written and covers of songs they love. Despite the trouble they had setting up, they never showed that it was a problem. I loved that towards the end they invited the audience to come play with them on stage. My favorite song they played was their title song Rose on the Avenue

I love the intro to Infamy. The way the guitar starts reminds me of a handful of Foo Fighter intros. It’s rare for songs to do that anymore, an old move brought back in their music. 

It’s refreshing to listen to a former student band and not another solo Soundcloud rapper. Rose on the Avenue took their time creating lyrics, chords, and vibes to create a song that doesn’t sound like nails on a chalkboard. The song makes me nostalgic because it reminds me of Disturbed, a band that fell off my playlist the older I got. 

Not to mention, their lyrics are intensely meaningful. “I’ve lost my home. I’ve lost my way home and I can’t escape.” As the minutes add up, you can tell the song is personal. The vocals leave me feeling that even when you lose yourself in the bad parts of life that others are feeling it too. The lyrics make you feel that despite these bad effects you’ll do great things.“Jealousy, but I’ll go down in glory.” Everything about the song leaves me wanting more.

I’m eager about future releases, but until then we need to celebrate this achievement. Rose On The Avenue will be celebrating by having a concert Friday, March 3, 2023, at 8 PM, tickets will be five dollars. You can find more information on their Instagram page, @roseontheavenue. 

Spotify link: UvGqowru8aoc

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